A Thousand Sunsets
Starting stuff when you’re older feels harsher. A big switch can reveal the quality of our relational interconnectedness and the terms of our engagements.


Some Enchanted Evenings
How do artists overcome the temptation to give up? The work of Max Beckmann offers a compelling story of moving forward amid turmoil.
Fortune Telling
How can humility and patience reshape our work, relationships, and rest? Unwrap a future of unhurried love.
Stillness, War, and The Micro Zen
Be still, and know that I am God. The phrase is so familiar that if it weren’t for reading the words in Psalm 46, one might suspect it to be an extra-Biblical motivational mantra like those often attributed to scripture on Pinterest. A trifle stillness, perhaps. Stripped of its
Habits of Healing: Self-Consent and Embracing the Unexpected
When memory confronts our injuries, there is freedom in taking the next step.

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