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Holy Consumers
Have you ever noticed how slowly people eat at fancy restaurants? Maybe it’s because the portions are small. Perhaps they’re doing math in their heads to see if they can still afford dessert? I’m certain everyone has their reasons for pacing themselves, but I tend to think
Face to Face
This past week I had a moment of joy that I didn’t expect. I pulled up to my usual Starbucks and stuffed my mask into my pocket just in case. It was time to trade in my Pfizer double shot for one of the espresso variety. I glanced at
Dwell On These Things
Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly calculating in our heads. Weweigh risks and rewards. Action versus inaction. Transparency versus privacy.This all happens easily and usually without our noticing. And this is exactlywhy we need to periodically bring our attention to how we make or a…
Reviewing God
I’ve lost track of the amount of times that I have reached for my phone to takea photo of some sort of beautiful landscape, only to realize that my camera justcan’t capture the essence of the place. You had to be there. I remember onenight like this in particular. I was in a beach town in Califor…
Resting in the Incomplete
Most of us probably like to think that we’re the kind of people who finish whatwe start. We’re determined and committed. We’ve got grit and perseverance. Wearen’t quitters. To be sure, the will to finish a job is probably a good thing if you’re cuttingsomeone’s hair or flying an airplane. But so…
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