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Growth & Disappointment
It’s one thing to know that failure is a part of success, but it’s another thing altogether to keep going when things really get tough. If you’re anything like me, it’s easy for success to go to your head and failure to go to your heart.


Exercise as Love
Lately I’ve been using an audio training app when I go for a morning run. Various coaches talk me through running techniques and remind me of the purpose of each workout. While I was on a jog last week, a coach said something that caught me off guard—both
Going on Glory
On a recent Colorado vacation, my family set out on an unfamiliar trail to get a taste of wilderness and enjoy some mountain views. We witnessed cascading alpine streams and inhaled the crisp aspen air as we slalomed through the pine-filled mountainside. With every turn and clump of red mushrooms,
Beholding God
There are many evenings I walk down the same brick street. It’s only a few blocks long, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in charm. The sleepy thoroughfare features a hodgepodge of historic brick homes, tree covered bungalows, and sprawling ranches with super-sized front yards.
Tributaries of Grace
Despite our best efforts, it can be difficult to see large-scale forces molding our lives. How did we become the people we are today? Why do we prioritize certain things over others? Why are we annoyed by some people while finding others hilarious? Without stepping back to assess what has
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