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Approaches to Growth
Growth can come in many forms. And while it can be tempting to rank our methodsof maturation, life requires a diversity of learning environments to fosterdepth and wisdom. I want to briefly touch on two here. PracticeThere’s a type of growth that comes from repetition; practice, essentially. Thi…
Our Bodies as Tents
It doesn’t take any special skills to become self-absorbed. We’re all verycapable of living for self-preservation or advancement. When our position feelsthreatened, we can scratch and claw our way back onto the top of our ownpriority list quite easily at any time. Of course, this doesn’t mean we …
Remembering God in Success
Sometimes it feels like unassuming people are an endangered species. Ouridentity-conscious world is pulsing with self-promoters. Influencer cultureisn’t made for the meek and mild, politics has nearly become a full-contactsport, and even religious leaders are often wrapped up in a carefully manic…
New Site Features: Bookmarks, Comments, Notifications, & More
There have been some big updates made to the site and I’m thrilled to share allthe changes. You can now bookmark your favorite articles, easily find old postswith suggested search, browse announcements under the new notifications bell,and join the conversation with built-in comments on every arti…
12 Bible Verses about Peace
Peace is a common theme in the Bible, but an often overlooked aspect of God’scharacter. As a consequence of sin, we lack peace with God, peace withourselves, peace with others, and peace with creation. In Christ, we receive arenewed peace through the work of God’s Spirit and hope that Jesus will…
Made for Wonder: Why Our Hearts Long for Better Answers
The information age hasn’t quenched our thirst for wonder. Is our fast answer culture actually dehumanizing us and eroding away the very thing we’re seeking?
11 Bible Verses About Friendship
The importance of friendship is difficult to overstate in our journey of walkingwith God. Friendship is a reflection of God’s character and is extended to usthrough the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. By faith, we receive Christ’sinvitation of friendship and it is there that we learn how to love…
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