Imagine that as you are growing up, you figure out that you have incredible superpowers. And not only that, you realize that it’s because you’ve been sent here from another planet—you are an alien. You can tell the future, read people’s minds, and teleport from location to location. You know the day of your own death and can even telepathically communicate to your home planet with mission updates from Earth. How would you handle the power?

Think of the capabilities available to Jesus during his ministry on Earth. And at the risk of condescending Christ in an analogy, what I’m attempting to bring into focus is a sense of his available power so that we can better appreciate the magnitude of his self-control and humility. The way Jesus handled power is incredible. He never used his knowledge and position to abuse a single person. He never unfairly maligned someone or gossiped or was greedy. He was extraordinarily patient and remains so today.

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