UnCrummy (Feb 1)

Welcome to my recurring list of things that are decidedly not crummy. Here you'll find links to helpful articles, books, music, apps, podcasts, people to follow, and more. Here is what's UnCrummy this week.

UnCrummy (Feb 1)

In the GameStop Frenzy, What If We’re All the 1 Percent?

Author and lecturer Michael J. Rhodes gives a thoughtful and pastoral perspective on the GameStop saga. The principles he highlights for healthy reform are tremendously important and extend far beyond financial systems. Rhodes examines the parallels some have drawn to Jesus' Parable of the Rich Fool and Wall Street greed. Certainly brokenness and inequity is pervasive in the U.S. economic system, but Rhodes is right that these complex problems aren't easily fixed by revenge or beating others at their own unrighteous game. He states, "...we shouldn’t confuse fighting for a better seat at the blackjack table with confronting an economy addicted to gambling." 💰

Museum of the Bible Returns Artifacts to Egypt

Museum of the Bible’s Chairman of the Board, Steve Green (co-founder of Hobby Lobby), announced this week that with some help from the U.S. government, they have returned thousands of ancient items to Egypt and Iraq. While there is much that is troubling about how this all came to be in the first place, I am encouraged by lengths taken to research the provenance of artifacts within the Museum of the Bible collection. 📜

Meeting cost calculator

Ezra Gildesgame of Hubspot created a little web tool used to calculate the financial cost of meetings based on how many people attend, meeting length/frequency, and estimated attendee pay. Every once in awhile, I pull up this site to run the numbers on recurring meetings I have. If you're someone who leads meetings regularly, I'd highly recommend checking out this free, simple tool. 👔

Someone to follow: Dr. Anthony Bradley

Dr. Anthony Bradley is Professor of Religious Studies at The King's College in New York City. Dr. Bradley is someone who constantly gets me thinking and examining my presuppositions. You'll be enriched and challenged by reading his work and following him online. 🗽

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