Favorite things: Spark Email client

Favorite things: Spark Email client

I've been using Spark as my mobile and desktop e-mail client since Microsoft purchased Sunrise and then Dropbox killed Mailbox. I was skeptical that Spark could fill the Mailbox-shaped hole in my heart, but I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Then I was concerned that Spark had plateaued and was going to rest easy with their success. I was wrong again.

Collaborative Email

Today, Readdle launched a brilliant major update to their product. They didn’t just tweak Spark, they’re changing the entire idea of how e-mail works by introducing collaborative e-mail editing and real-time commenting for teams.



Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for a major app to take this on, but it makes a lot of sense. Apps like Google Docs & Slack have greatly improved team collaboration and communication, but when you’re working with people outside of your organization, email is often still the best method to contact them. Collaborative email creation will improve customer service, increase message accuracy, and eliminate needless back and forth. The ability to share a link to a specific message or conversation is very helpful here.

Direct calendar integration

Spark also now includes a calendar tab right within the app. It’s full-featured enough that I hid the Apple Calendar app right away. This is a small addition for some folks, but a big help to someone like me who never really liked Apple’s Calendar UI/UX anyway.


My e-mail workflow has been a lot less stressful and more productive since I started using Spark. I appreciate that Readdle continues to innovate and I highly recommend you support them by downloading the latest version of Spark.

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