UnCrummy (Jan 12)

Welcome to my recurring list of things that are decidedly not crummy. Here you'll find links to helpful articles, books, music, apps, podcasts, people to follow, and more. Here is what's UnCrummy this week.

UnCrummy (Jan 12)

The Roman Road from Insurrection

Dr. Russell Moore (President, ERLC) wrote a helpful essay for Christians in response to the U.S. Capitol insurrection. In his piece, Moore lays out several specific reasons why the events that occurred in Washington were in conflict with Biblical ethics. For someone like me who has a very similar perspective to Moore, one of the most fascinating aspects of his post was a small glimpse into the personal toll the last few years has taken on him. He has been a hero to me and remains so. 🧨

Otter app

Otter is a handy app that automatically transcribes audio and generates sharable smart notes that sync audio, text, and images. It makes audio super-searchable and can be integrated with apps like Zoom. I use it to review meeting recordings, sermons, and talks. The basic version is free. πŸ”Š

Someone to Follow: Esau McCaulley

Esau McCaulley (Ph.D) is a Wheaton professor and New Testament scholar/writer I admire. He tweeted this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which was a great reminder for me. I trust you'll find McCaulley a wealth of encouragement and wisdom. πŸ‘

The New Superpowers: How and Why the Tech Industry is Shaping the International System

Klon Kitchen, who works as the Director of the Center for Technology Policy at the Heritage Foundation, wrote a fascinating and detailed long-form article aimed at conservatives about how tech companies are challenging the "authority, sovereignty, and capacity" of governments. Aside from Kitchen's specific desire to shape political policy here, I found his analysis to be a helpful summary of the current scale and capacity of big tech globally. His discussion of advanced intelligence gathering helped me better appreciate the complex relationship governments now have in their dependence on private companies for national defense and a host of other functions. πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

UpNote notes app

Last year I switched my phone/computer note taking app from Bear to UpNote. While it does have lots of handy features, the main thing I like it for is its simplicity. It's the un-Evernote. If you're looking for a basic place to take notes, write drafts, store to-do lists, or even keep a password protected journal, I'd recommend checking out UpNote. πŸ“

Bonus: Handy Reference Guide for the Organization & Order of the Hebrew Scriptures (The TaNaKh)

I designed a little graphic with the order of books of the Old Testament based on this traditional TaNaKh order. I hope it inspires you to study the Hebrew scriptures with fresh eyes. πŸ“œ

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