Poem: An Oak in a Pergo Forest

Poem: An Oak in a Pergo Forest

When is silence maturity and when is it complicity? What does it look like to love your enemy when you see them in the mirror? Where do you plant your feet when everything seems to be shifting? These questions are the subject of this poem.

An Oak in a Pergo Forest

By Matt Crummy, 2020

In all the noise that swirls and swindles and sweats
Budget for disappointment
Steal the night’s cold hush
Damp streets. Damned streets.
Dancing beats drowning for a dime

Shot. In the back.
Left right left right left
History bends and bows to circumnavigate souls
Bullets in orbit with pledged allegiances
Shaky legs on a silent stage

Your atrophied mind gasps for breath
But you've got bouncy castles in the air
Leashed and walked. Groomed and fixed.
Certified synthetic fruit in this silent, holy auction
Always trust an Oak in a pergo forest

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A note from Matt:

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