Poem: Mirrored Fences

Why do we withhold good from others? How do patterns of thinking become cages without our noticing? Self-absorption and liberation are the subjects of this poem.

Poem: Mirrored Fences

Mirrored Fences

By Matt Crummy, 2021

There are fences drawn around the edge of everything
Skin-wrapped hopes and curiosities
Written in freckled faces
Shame stained knots on every plank
One by one, each beam of light crosses over
And bends toward disappearance

It’s hard to see through fences
Reality imagined obscures
Each slit a sliver into would haves and want tos
Every crack a screen, a story, a slice captured
Mirrored planks bound by conviction
But no matter

Gates disguised as teeth and tongues
Chutes and ladders
Let all that pivots flow beyond the winds of death
Given enough time, even fences fall
A heart bottled up. A soul severed and made whole.
Each bunker fit for a thousand keys

Seldom sunny within, colors dance between the bars.
Hands pry and eyes fix
Sweat drips and shoulders ignite
Boards fall at the sound of the symphony
Beautiful and heavy and real
And piercing light breaks through

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